Service-to-Service (S2S)

Service-to-Service (S2S) applications are designed to promote inter-agency communication, making it simpler to effectively coordinate client care.  However, the benefits of S2S go beyond service coordination.

S2S facilitates the sharing of information (with appropriate client consent), building a client history that extends beyond a single service or agency.  This supports health and community workers to make better informed decisions about client care.

S2S also supports record management principles, which are a key driver in increasing organisational efficiency.  S2S applications ensure that the right information is at the fingertips of the workforce when they need it, this saves on time spent looking for information and unnecessary duplication.

Key Benefits

Better communication and collaboration
Facilitates improved client care
Streamlines administrative processes

Why go with S2S?

  • Adheres to privacy and accessibility standards
  • Developed for the sector in close collaboration with the sector
  • Maintained in line with regional, state and national policy changes
  • Fully supported by an experienced and helpful team
  • Priced to be affordable for not-for-profit organisations